The Straub Company Picnic is Always A Good Time. We Brought the Raffle Back!

Straub PicnicRecently, we had our annual company picnic.  I always look forward to it because we get to see the spouses and families of our teammates!

Maybe it was because of recent graduations, or just a better frame of mind, but I loved seeing all the kids.  The irony is that when we started the picnics years ago, my kids were the little ones that were taken under the wings of the older Straub boys.  Now it’s mine playing with the younger ones.

Soccer and kickball games, face painting, along with all the other kid friendly activities make for a great afternoon.  I think the highlight for the kids is when the ice cream truck makes an appearance.  Everyone went running when they heard the familiar jingles coming from the ice cream truck!

The fun part of being in a young and growing company is seeing the evolution of the lives of our people.

My family especially looks forward to seeing the new babies and meeting the new members of the Straub Team.  This year, there were four new babies, with the most recent being less than 10 days old!

Another fun twist to this year’s picnic is we brought back the Straub Raffle!

To be eligible you had to have worked for Straub for at least 6 months and must be present to win.  There were ten fantastic gifts to be won, so 25% of our families took a prize home. We had a carpenter take home a UHDTV, there were laptops, GoPros and more!  You can see all of the raffle prizes in the picture below.

But that wasn’t all, if your name was not drawn, you were given a cash prize!  Everyone walks away a winner!

For me, the best part of the day is just getting to reconnect with so many friends.  It reminds us that we truly are a family.  It never fails that at the end of the picnic, Ernie and I and a few others look to each other as we clean up and say, that was the best one yet!

Straub Picnic Straub Picnic

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