Leadership Overland Park 2015 – Why Not US?!?!

Leadership Overland Park 2015A few weeks have passed since my graduation from Leadership Overland Park 2015. I’ve had a little time to reflect on the significance of my time spent with this very dynamic, diverse and talented group of people. The program was a combination of education, self-reflection/evaluation, effort and sweat!  Yes, actual sweating was involved, but I will get to that in a moment.

While I’d experienced much of what the program exposes you to over the years, it’s amazing how much you learn and experience when you do it with so many different people!  It really forced me to look at things just a little bit differently.  It was a good reminder that there’s always an opportunity to learn new things, even if you are doing something you’ve done before.  Open your eyes, ears and mind to gain a much broader perspective and that will help you grow personally and professionally.

As for the sweating I mentioned, one task the Leadership Overland Park group is charged with every year is to do a community service project.  That was the only direction we were given. After some thought and research, our group decided to tackle one of the larger projects that’s been done. We decided to build a wiffle ball field and soccer field for the Marillac Center.  The Marillac Center provides treatment for children challenged with mental health issues.

Here’s a link to a PDF with the details on page 8.

Leadership Overland Park 2015 - MarillacIt was a three day endeavor that included hauling 3 tons of infield material 200 yards up the hill to the field, designing and building a new scoreboard and then wrapped up with a picnic for the kids.  Unfortunately, the weather had not cooperated, so it was impossible to get the truck and supplies any closer due to all the rain we’ve experienced this spring.  Our group persevered and got the job done with wheelbarrows and strong backs.  We were all exhausted, but what a great experience!  The day of the picnic was too wet to use the fields but it was still nice to meet and have some fellowship with the kids.

The Leadership Overland Park experience reminds us that we’ve got to get involved and give back to the community that we live in.  Lance Collins from YRC was our appointed spokesman.  He asked an important question… “Why Not US?” A large portion of our leadership group is meeting to figure out the answer.  We’re excited to see what we can accomplish for our community!  As you can tell, this has been a fantastic experience!

So I ask you, “Why not YOU!!!”  Go out and get involved!

That’s a wrap! Kansas City Corporate Challenge Conclusion

We learned a lot about ourselves while recently wrapping up our 1st year of participation, as a company, in the 2015 Kansas City Corporate Challenge. Some people surprised themselves and set personal records, while others came to realize they aren’t 20 years old any more, and knees aren’t allowed to bend “like that” without consequences.

Straub Construction competed in 12 events from ping pong, fishing, soccer, track and field, dodge ball and more.

Kansas City Corporate Challenge 2015 Kansas City Corporate Challenge 2015

One of the more memorable events was the bike race around the Kansas City Speedway. Doug Heinen, the Vice President of Field Operations for Straub Construction, participated in this event and did quite well. He finished 6th out of 72 participants in his age group, and won our company division for the event. His participation gave us 10 “meet points” and a memory of a life time by getting to race around the Speedway.

Although we didn’t win our division, we learned what it will take to improve as a TEAM, and that will only make us better next year. It’s interesting how we not only work to improve as individuals, but we do this as a company as well. We’re always improving our processes and looking to become the best. We wouldn’t be celebrating our 95th year anniversary and still be going strong if we aren’t always getting better.

Congratulations to the 2015 Kansas City Corporate Challenge medal winners!

Medal winners include: Jon Alvarado (Darts), Jason Burke (Fishing), Greg Hellbusch (Fishing and Soccer), Jason Riordan (Soccer), Michael Strick (Soccer), Ernie Straub IV (Ping-pong and Soccer), and Parker Young (Soccer).

Kansas City Corporate Challenge 2015 Kansas City Corporate Challenge 2015

Straub Construction Employees Who’ve Served – Honoring Our Very Own

As we recently enjoyed 4th of July festivities with family and friends, good barbeque and spectacular fireworks, we must never forget the true meaning of Independence Day. It’s important to honor and celebrate those who preserve our freedoms. Our men and women in uniform.

Straub honors our very own who’ve served.  We wanted to share what they said when asked what their service means to them.

James Johnson, Estimator

United States Army – Sergeant (E-5)

James Johnson

“I proudly served as a sergeant (E-5) in the United State Army. My specialty (MOS) was a 19 Delta which was a Cavalry Scout. My team supplied battlefield commanders with intelligence on enemy troop movements, most of the time from behind enemy lines.  The biggest impact that the Army had on me was that it instilled in me a sense of loyalty, duty, respect, selfless service, honor, integrity and personal courage.”

 Michael Strick, Estimator

United States Marine Corps –  Sergeant (E-5)

Michael Strick

“The biggest impact serving in the military had was being able to see and experience different countries, cultures, and poverty levels.  It truly opens your eyes to see how good we have it in America, which is easy to take for granted.  I truly feel blessed to have my family, a house, and the freedoms this great country offers.”

 Lance O’Sullivan, Superintendent

United States Army – Private 1st Class (E-3)

Lance O'Sullivan

“I proudly served in Desert Storm and Desert Shield. The biggest impact serving in the military had on me was it truly helped me mature and shaped me into the person I am today.  I am grateful for the experience and proud to have served.”

Westmor Industries Expansion – Shawnee Businesses Working Together

Westmor IndustriesWestmor Industries, located in Shawnee, Kansas, had a problem. Business was good. So good they needed to expand, and expand fast to meet rising demand.

Westmor manufactures petroleum, propane and liquid-gas handling parts and equipment and they needed three new assembly bays, a fabrication shop, a new lunchroom and locker rooms for the increased capacity of operations. They had to look no further than across the highway for local general contractor Straub Construction.

Westmor IndustriesWe met with Westmor to help establish a budget and space plan that would meet their growing production needs. We called on GBA Architects Engineers, located a couple miles away in Lenexa, to provide the architectural, civil and structural design required for the 17,500 square foot, pre-engineered metal building.

The Shawnee EDC and many local consultants, subcontractors and suppliers are all working hard to make this expansion possible.

The Kansas City metro is fortunate to have so many talented design professionals. It’s been a pleasure working with Westmor to take care of their space needs. What’s really great is that we’re working with our neighbors and it’s just good to see a young, growing and vibrant business providing great jobs in our community.

Neighbors helping neighbors, local businesses building up one another and investing in the local economy, now that’s a good news story.