Creamery Building Regains Life

Creamery BuildingListed on the National Register of Historic Places the Creamery Building has regained life through the eyes of Kansas City developer Vince Bryant. The 22,000 square foot building sits at 2100 Central Street in the Freighthouse/Crossroads District and was once home to one of the largest dairy companies in the country when it was built in 1911.

Straub Construction, along with Finkle Williams Architecture, Blackbird Design Studio, Lankford Fendler Associates, and PMA Engineering teamed up to bring this building back to life with LEED Gold standards.

Construction is wrapping up for the Core and Shell portion of the project and tenant improvement work for multiple tenants is under way. SFS Architecture will be the first building tenant to enjoy a great downtown skyline view from the new shared common space penthouse while enjoying a game of pool or even some BBQ at the penthouse patio grill.

Creamery BuildingThe building finishes will be exposed concrete and brick exterior walls with glass walls and steel mixed in throughout.  Vince, along with the architects, has a great vision when it comes high end modern furniture and fixtures to finish the spaces off.

Next time you are in the Crossroads for First Friday’s, hopefully you can swing by and check it out. You might want to try out the new first floor restaurant with an outdoor patio!

The Colorado Grand Slam

A friend of mine coined the phrase Colorado Grand Slam.

What exactly is a Colorado Grand Slam?

Colorado Grand SlamIt’s reaching the summit of four Fourteeners (14,000 feet tall) in a day! This summer my wife, and two of our kids accomplished this feat!

We conquered Mt. Democrat, Mt. Cameron, Mt. Lincoln and Mt. Bross while on our vacation in Colorado. Our 8 mile journey took about seven hours with six hours of that being above 13,000 feet.

The question most have asked when we have shared the story, is WHY?!?!

Well that is a much more complicated answer. I think the four of us did it for different reasons.  My answer has more to do with taking on a hard challenge that pushes you mentally and physically. It’s very humbling walking only 20 steps before having to stop and rest.  As with many things in life, we need to push ourselves beyond our comfort zone to be the best we can in whatever we choose to do.

How many times on a jobsite or in the workplace do we have to do this?  We’re always applying lessons learned from difficult challenges.

Colorado Grand SlamAnother aspect I really enjoy in hiking and especially the 14ers is the fellowship and bonds you form with complete strangers!  Imagine showing up before dawn and heading out on a trail with people you don’t know. By the end of the time together, you have accomplished something very few people can say that they’ve done. And you’ve gotten to know the people with you on a deeper level.

You encourage one another the whole way up and all the way back down.  It really is a great reminder that we are all just people experiencing life!

Whether you are running a triathlon or your first 5k, performing in a local play, or teaching Sunday school, you’re climbing your summit!

So my challenge to you is to find your Colorado Grand Slam that can put you out of your comfort zone and will make you the best you can be!

Colorado Grand Slam Colorado Grand Slam

New Look, Same Principles : Straub Launches New Website!

Straub's New WebsiteWhen you think about creating a new website, the first thing that comes to mind is how “flashy” you want it to look.  You want it to grab the attention of the person who views it.

Until recently, our website just didn’t hit the mark.  As we entered into our 95th year in business, we knew we needed some “pop” if you will – not quite an extreme makeover, but we knew we needed something.

What started out as a refresh of our website really became a lesson in how to use social media to introduce and re-introduce Straub Construction to clients, peers, vendors and even internally with the Straub team.

95 years of doing business gives you an abundance of tradition, successes, lessons (never failures) and plenty of what we call “Ernie” stories, but it also challenges you to become recent and relevant in an industry that is reinventing itself.

It started out that our website was not mobile friendly and that we were not utilizing it to the fullest potential. At the suggestion of our Executive Vice President, Parker Young, we brought in Blue Gurus – a website and blogging consulting firm to help us with rebuilding our website and breathing life into our social media presence.

Blue GurusHours and hours went into new photo selection and content, using LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and blogging to tell our stories.  We’ve learned a lot about collaborating, and new skills were discovered as team members unleashed their inner blogger.  We enjoyed working with Jason and Mic of Blue Gurus and now they’re part of the Straub family.

At the end of the day, the spirit of teamwork was evident in this project as much as any construction project we’ve built in the field.

As we launch the new Straub company website, it gives us great pride to tell our story.  Our past is rich in tradition and built on a legacy of principles as relevant today as they were 95 years ago when we opened our doors – honesty, integrity, respect, work ethic and accountability.  A lesson learned is that you don’t lose your identity and you don’t have to start from scratch – but you focus on what made you great yesterday and what will make you even better tomorrow.

We’ve got a saying at Straub Construction – we didn’t create history, but we helped build it.

We hope you enjoy our stories and keep us “top of mind” for your next construction project!