Straub Week of Giving

The week before Thanksgiving was a busy one for Straub Construction. Four different events provided many opportunities to give back to our community and build comradery among our associates.

On Wednesday evening, ten hardworking Straub employees and their families took a meal down to the Ronald McDonald Family Room at Children’s Mercy Hospital. Many families with children going through very difficult times were blessed with a smile and a warm meal.

Straub Week of Giving - 2016

Thursday evening, Straub continued a longstanding relationship with St. James Place and Bishop Sullivan Community Center by serving approximately 300 meals to those in need. Straub employees also provided homemade desserts as well. It’s always a humble experience to help those less fortunate and a great reminder that it’s better to give than receive. We’re excited to continue our support of this great organization and its mission of helping others!

Straub Week of Giving - 2016 Straub Week of Giving - 2016

Saturday morning was a special day as over thirty-five members of the Straub Family gathered at Shawnee Community Services for the second straight year to put together and distribute 300 Thanksgiving boxes for families in need. This is an event that whole families could get involved in and it is always fun to work side-by-side with our kids while helping out in the community. Straub has a long-standing relationship with Shawnee Community Services which included building their current facility. Special thanks to Delta Innovative Services which donated all of the stuffing for the thanksgiving boxes.

Straub Week of Giving - 2016 Straub Week of Giving - 2016 Straub Week of Giving - 2016

For many years, we’ve volunteered to “adopt a family” thru the Bishop Sullivan Center. We’re assigned a family that’s in need of every day necessities like warm jackets, shoes, socks, etc. We’re given a list with the names and ages of each family member and with the donations from our employees we make our families wishes come true. Our purpose is twofold. First, and most important, we want to provide our “adopted family” with the items they so desperately need. And second, it’s our way of honoring the leadership that Ernie and Parker provide to Straub Construction each year.

This year the Bishop Sullivan Center is serving over 80 families and helping them to have a holiday filled with Christmas Spirit thanks to everyone that adopts a family.

We all have so much to be grateful for!

Happy Thanksgiving from Straub Construction!

Happy ThanksgivingIt’s so hard to believe that Thanksgiving is upon us already. It seems like we were busy with graduations, summer lake trips and the start of school! One thing I’ve been told from others more experienced than me is that life speeds up as you get older. I have to say that I agree!

As we approach the Holiday Season, I always find myself reflecting a bit. We all have our moments of despair, frustrations, and disappointment. I think those moments are what make the good moments that much more special! We at Straub Construction, like most companies, have experienced all of these emotions… both the good and bad over the last year. However, we always go through these experiences together as a team.

Happy ThanksgivingI think the thing that makes us unique and special is our people. Each person helps to shape and make us who we are as an organization. I’ve been fortunate to work with some of the best and brightest our industry and community have to offer. They’re passionate, caring, honest and accountable to everyone they work with. While I haven’t worked very many places in my career, I have heard from many that this environment is pretty unusual.

So for my professional life, I have to say I am most thankful for the wonderful team at Straub Construction. I hope you’re fortunate enough to work in an environment that truly is an extension of your family!

Happy Thanksgiving!

We love our Crossroads Location. Celebrating one year!


Crossroads AnniversaryLast month marked the one-year anniversary of Straub’s Crossroads location! Having an office in the Crossroads was something that we knew would be important to our current employees, future employees (also known as Millennials), and customers. But until we rooted ourselves in the Creamery building, at 2100 Central, we didn’t know how it all would play out.

Many of our employees use the Crossroads location as a centralized place to hold meetings, but it’s grown into more than that. A handful of our employees made the switch to calling it their primary home.

The Crossroads location has also been a great centralized meeting spot to grow client, customer, and subcontractor relations for the business development and preconstruction teams.

Crossroads Anniversary


There are six businesses on the first floor or our building. We get to interact with them and their clients every day. We also help each other with volunteer opportunities, food drives, networking happy hours, and after hour cocktails from time-to-time.

Gratitude and Thanks

A company can’t celebrate an anniversary without thanking its clients, customers, and partners. After all, we wouldn’t be here without you.  So special thanks to each and every one of you and we hope to continue growing our relationships for years to come. Not all of the projects are easy, but we hope you trust and believe we look after everyone’s best interests, every day.