Continuing the Straub Legacy

In December, Ernie Straub III rolled out a succession plan that allows us to continue impacting communities for the next 100 years and beyond.

Happy 4th from Straub Construction

Happy 4th from Straub ConstructionMany of us refer to Independence Day as the Fourth of July. And we know that it’s a federal holiday in the United States commemorating the Declaration of Independence of the United States on July 4, 1776. (You may not remember that the Continental Congress declared that the thirteen American colonies were no longer subordinate to the monarch of Britain and were now independent states.)

We look forward to family reunions, fireworks, baseball games, parades and barbecues. We get a day off from work… and some of us will use the opportunity to take a trip and make it a long weekend.

This Independence Day, take a step back and cherish your life and the country you live in while appreciating the sacrifices people made to give us independence.

These are all good things. We hope you enjoy your time off with friends and family. Happy 4th of July from your friends at Straub Construction.

Construction Notes from Turks and Caicos

By Parker Young, Executive Vice President and COO at Straub Construction

Recently I got to take a trip to North and Middle Caicos Islands. North is known as “The Green Island”. Needless to say, the views are gorgeous.

There is no direct access to the island other than a daily ferry from Provo. So you feel at times that you have the entire island to yourselves. There are a few quaint establishments, but the biggest take away for us was how hard it would be to live on an island like this. Just your ability to get basic supplies, fuel, food etc. takes a lot of effort by the shop owners to get them.

We found it fascinating that for such a small island it had three distinct communities, each with it’s own market, schools and church. The infrastructure is very basic… with one main road the length of the island along with the power lines.

Straub Construction: Turks and Caicos Straub Construction: Turks and Caicos

As someone from the construction industry, I enjoyed talking with the locals on how they did work and got materials.

Most structures are block  with a stucco on the exterior and then a wood framed roof.

Straub Construction: Turks and CaicosIt took almost three years to build the house we stayed in. There is no concrete batch plant, hardware store, or lumber yard, so planning is key! There was a house under construction near the one we stayed at and every morning, seven workers on three bicycles drove by on their way to the job. (Yes, one of the bikes had three people on it.) Just a different way of life.

For those of you not in construction, a batch plant (also known as a concrete plant) is equipment that combines various ingredients to form concrete in mass quantities at a central location. Batch plants accelerate the construction process considerably… cement trucks go to a batch plant to get a full load of concrete and take it to the job site. In Turks and Caicos, the house we stayed in was constructed by mixing and using one bag of concrete at a time. That’s why a fairly simple home took three years to build.

While walking along the beach, we saw a rusted excavator. I knew it would be a perfect picture for this story. Normally you would see the husk of an old ship on the beach, not construction equipment!

It was a great trip for us and definitely reminded us how blessed we are to live where we do.

Straub Construction: Turks and Caicos Straub Construction: Turks and Caicos

What do Seville, Spain and Kansas City have in common?

By Hannah Morrey Brown, Project Manager at Straub Construction

HannahI recently had the opportunity to spend the holidays in Spain and Portugal, visiting family and seeing some of the greatest architecture in the world. I was most excited to spend time in Seville, a Sister City of Kansas City. The cities have shared street names, designs, and expositions over their 52-year agreement.

J.C. Nichols designed the country club plaza with a Spanish theme by including courtyards, tile facades, stucco buildings, and fountains throughout the city.  He copied prominent Seville features including the Giralda Tower, modeled above our Cheesecake Factory, and Plaza de Los Reyes fountain, which we call the J.C. Nichols Fountain.

One of Seville’s main roadways is Kansas City Avenue, and they also have a replica of The Scout statue that sits just to the west of Liberty Memorial. It was exciting to walk around the city and see little pieces of our hometown throughout, even though it was over four thousand miles away.

In addition to Seville, I was also able to tour the Alhambra, the burial place of Queen Isabelle and King Ferdinand, the Royal Palace in Madrid, and the Praça do Comércio in Lisbon. Each of these contained unique and breathtaking design elements, all of which have been standing longer than our city’s existence.

Straub Construction: Seville and Kansas City Straub Construction: Seville and Kansas City Straub Construction: Seville and Kansas City Straub Construction: Seville and Kansas City Straub Construction: Seville and Kansas City Straub Construction: Seville and Kansas City Straub Construction: Seville and Kansas City


Happy Holidays from Straub Construction!

By Matthew Straub, Marketing Coordinator at Straub Construction

The entire Straub Family hopes you’ve enjoyed a wonderful Christmas, and we wish you peace and joy as we approach the New Year.

In keeping with our traditions, we were able to take a few moments to step away from the hustle and bustle to have a little fun with those who are so important to us. It wouldn’t be Christmas at Straub without our annual White Elephant Gift Exchange and Christmas Party (Casino Night!)

White Elephant Gift Exchange

Happy Holidays from Straub Construction Happy Holidays from Straub Construction Happy Holidays from Straub Construction

Christmas Party – Casino Night

Happy Holidays from Straub Construction Happy Holidays from Straub Construction Happy Holidays from Straub Construction Happy Holidays from Straub Construction Happy Holidays from Straub Construction

Pax Intrantibus: Peace to Those Who Enter (Drone video)

By Matthew Straub, Marketing Coordinator at Straub Construction

Drone license… check. New drone… check. It’s been three months since I received my drone pilot license and new drone, and I’m putting them to work!

With the purpose of getting additional flight hours/practice under my belt, I headed up to Gower, Missouri where we were putting the finishing touches on an important project. After eighteen months of construction, The Abbatial Church of Our Lady, Queen of Apostles is nearing completion. My intent was to simply get some practice, but the video I captured was worth sharing.

Pax Intrantibus: Peace to Those Who Enter

As you enter the site, a Latin phrase adorns the top of the gateway, which in English reads, “Peace to Those Who Enter.” Over the last several years, we’ve been blessed to work alongside a group of women who have dedicated their lives to peace and service. They remind us to slow down and find the peace in our daily lives, especially during this holiday season. As the construction activity comes to an end, we look forward to restoring more peace to their world.

This has been a challenging and rewarding project for our team. We’ve worked with the Benedictines of Mary, Queen of Apostles on many different projects for many years, and we are honored to be completing this beautiful church for this group of amazing women.


Procore’s 2018 Groundbreak Conference.

By Dan VanDonge, Senior Project Manager for Straub Construction

Dan VanDongeNovember 13th through 15th were action packed days at Procore’s 2018 Groundbreak conference in Austin, Texas. We’ve been a partner with Procore for 5 ½ years now, and we’re proud to be associated with such a great platform. Procore helps us collaborate and communicate with the highest level of transparency on all of our projects. The conference included a state of the art innovation lab, four breakout sessions daily, and a number of keynotes featuring Procore brass along with guest speakers Peyton Manning and Marc Randolph.

Collaborating with Industry Leaders

In addition to the many scheduled activities, we were able to find time to hang out with industry leaders, specifically representatives from JM Coull based out of Massachusetts and Tilton Pacific out of California. These companies, along with Straub, participated in a nation wide peer group that was started years ago and the relationships continue to be strong today. Even outside this peer group, it was a great opportunity to meet other professionals in our industry and share insight into challenges and successes that we all live on a daily basis.

Procore: Only as good as the people using it.

Procore 2018 Groundbreak ConferenceWhile we continue to embrace and develop our partnership with Procore, the software is only as good as the people using it. One thing is for certain, we came back to Kansas City proud that we get to work alongside Project Managers and Superintendents at Straub that leverage this project management platform as good or better than anyone in our industry.

A big thanks to Procore and our industry peers for a great all around experience at Groundbreak 2018!


The Dedication of the Abbatial Church of Our Lady Queen of Apostles

By Matthew Straub, Marketing Coordinator at Straub Construction

On September 9th, a beautiful ceremony took place in Gower, Missouri at the Priory of Our Lady of Ephesus. The Dedication of a Catholic Church is a very specific process that exists in order to consecrate and dedicate to God a material temple, as the Church consecrates most things that serve religious usage.

The Dedication

This dedication involved over 75 religious people from bishops, priests, sisters, and monks. It started on the outside of the church where the exteriors were blessed, accompanied by a litany of prayers and songs. After a few hours, the ceremony moved into the interior of the church, where every cross, statue, pew, font, etc. was blessed.

The Altar of the Church was the next thing to be dedicated and blessed. The Altar blessing also included the placing of the Holy Relics of three Saints. The Relics of Saint Maria Goretti, Pope Saint Pius X, and Saint John Neumann were placed into the Altar. After the Dedication ceremony was complete, the First Mass was celebrated in the newly dedicated Church. The day was concluded with a delicious celebration feast.

This was an incredible ceremony and we are blessed to be a part of such a holy place. Here are some photos from the day.

Dedication Dedication

Dedication Dedication

Dedication Dedication