Exciting New Exhibits Coming to Science City

Straub is honored to play a part in bringing three new early childhood exhibits to Science City at Union Station.

Straub Recognized for Construction Excellence

We were honored to be recognized for Excellence in Construction by ABC Heart of America.

Bishop Sullivan Center’s One City Café is now open!

Straub Construction: One City Cafe

By Hannah Morrey Brown, Project Manager at Straub Construction

Straub Construction: One City CafeStraub Construction is excited to showcase the newly opened and completed One City Café!

This renovation of the Bishop Sullivan Center’s kitchen and dining area included a full reconfiguration of the space to accommodate a larger kitchen and more tables. The project also included a new roof, new parking lot and dock system for the pantry, a new office area, and updated restrooms for both staff and patrons.

The new space has high exposed beam ceilings, stained concrete floors, and original brick walls throughout. The architect, Matthew Connolly, also contributed five original pieces of artwork for the new dining rooms inspired by patrons and volunteers of the center. The new dining room also includes TVs for meetings, a salad bar, and coffee and tea stations.

Straub Construction: One City CafeFrom start to finish the project took just over four months, and our project superintendent, Brad Castrop, oversaw every detail including donating his time on nights and weekends to provide an updated sound system for the dining area. Our project could not have been completed without the dedicated work of both him and our subcontractors who were incredibly generous in their donations as well.

Straub was so thankful to get to know and work with the people of Bishop Sullivan Center and are excited to see One City Café take off and grow. Please go check it out next time you’re in the area!

Straub Construction: One City Cafe Straub Construction: One City Cafe Straub Construction: One City Cafe

Pax Intrantibus: Peace to Those Who Enter (Drone video)

By Matthew Straub, Marketing Coordinator at Straub Construction

Drone license… check. New drone… check. It’s been three months since I received my drone pilot license and new drone, and I’m putting them to work!

With the purpose of getting additional flight hours/practice under my belt, I headed up to Gower, Missouri where we were putting the finishing touches on an important project. After eighteen months of construction, The Abbatial Church of Our Lady, Queen of Apostles is nearing completion. My intent was to simply get some practice, but the video I captured was worth sharing.

Pax Intrantibus: Peace to Those Who Enter

As you enter the site, a Latin phrase adorns the top of the gateway, which in English reads, “Peace to Those Who Enter.” Over the last several years, we’ve been blessed to work alongside a group of women who have dedicated their lives to peace and service. They remind us to slow down and find the peace in our daily lives, especially during this holiday season. As the construction activity comes to an end, we look forward to restoring more peace to their world.

This has been a challenging and rewarding project for our team. We’ve worked with the Benedictines of Mary, Queen of Apostles on many different projects for many years, and we are honored to be completing this beautiful church for this group of amazing women.


Straub Construction’s 2018 Week of Giving

By Matthew Straub, Marketing Coordinator at Straub Construction

As the holiday season gets closer and we reflect on of the things that we’re thankful for this year, it’s incredibly important and rewarding to give back to those in our community who are in need. Straub Construction recently celebrated our 4th annual Straub Week of Giving. And what a wonderful week of giving it was. This year our week of giving included supporting four amazing local charities.

Shawnee Community Services

Shawnee Community Services is an amazing organization based in our home town of Shawnee. They impact so many people throughout the Kansas City Area. For the fourth straight year, Straub Construction partnered with Shawnee Community Services to provide food for those who need it during the holidays.

Due to the changing needs in our community, Shawnee Community Services had a greater demand for additional food packages to distribute to the needy. In response to this, Straub Construction purchased all the food and during our Week of Giving kickoff party, Straub employees and family members loaded up 100 bags of food that would feed 50 families for a week.

The people at Shawnee Community Services were overjoyed with the food donation and we are so happy to be able to assist them in carrying out their mission.

Straub Construction: 2018 Week of Giving Straub Construction: 2018 Week of Giving

Kansas City Hospice House & Palliative Care

The Kansas City Hospice House & Palliative Care is an organization that seeks to be a “home away from home” for those who need end-of-life care. They work directly with patients, their families, and physicians to make end-of-life a time of comfort, enrichment, and love.

On a Monday evening, Straub employees served a hot meal and homemade desserts to over 30 family and friends of those receiving end of life care.

Straub Construction: 2018 Week of Giving

Morning Glory Ministries

The mission of Morning Glory Ministries is to “Uphold the inherent, God-Given Dignity in every human life by providing not only physical nourishment and basic needs, but also by fostering hope and self-worth in the most disadvantaged and forgotten members of society”. Morning Glory Ministries is located at the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception. They’re one of the many ministries serving breakfast to the needy Tuesday-Friday and serving lunch on the weekends. On Wednesday, 10 of our Straub Construction employees met at the Cathedral at 6:30am to serve a hot breakfast to over 140 people.

Straub Construction: 2018 Week of Giving

Bishop Sullivan Center

Once again, our tradition of supporting “adopt a family” through the Bishop Sullivan Center has continued. We’ve been assigned a family in need of every day necessities like warm jackets, shoes, socks, etc. We’ve been given the names and ages of each family member, and throughout the next few weeks, Straub employees will donate money in order to make their holiday wishes come true. We do this every year to provide for a less fortunate family in our community. It’s also a way of honoring the leadership of Ernie, Parker, and Dan.

This was another wonderful Week of Giving. Thank you to everyone who was involved in making this week possible. We all have so much to be thankful for!

Straub now has a certified drone pilot. Our first mission was St. Paul Catholic Church.

Matthew Straub in his Drone Pilot gear4By Matthew Straub, Marketing Coordinator at Straub Construction

A few months ago, I became certified through the FAA as a Remote Pilot.

In order to fly a drone for commercial purposes, you must have, or be under, the direct supervision of someone with their remote pilot’s license. Receiving this license required numerous hours of study and passing a rigorous 60 question exam at an FAA facility. And now I’m excited to present my first drone video and project update for St. Paul’s Catholic Church in Olathe, Kansas. Yes, it was my first official mission!

St. Paul Catholic Church

The St. Paul Catholic Church project is moving right along, on schedule. The project began in December of 2017 and is scheduled to be completed by early 2019. When the building is complete, the church and school will move all of their operations from their old facility into the brand-new building.

A few weeks ago, all the teachers and staff took a tour of the new facility and they are all extremely ecstatic to move into their new building.

St. Paul Catholic Church has the Mission, “To use our diversity and compassion to inspire, teach, and nurture all to grow in their respect for God and one another as we follow Christ who willingly laid down his life for us.”

Straub Construction is happy to play a part in furthering their mission. We’re excited for the future of St. Paul Catholic Church and School, and for the many generations of students, faculty, and parishioners who will benefit from this amazing project.

Our Interns Lead a Project for the Olathe Pregnancy Center

By Matthew Straub, Marketing Coordinator at Straub Construction

Intern Project for Olathe Pregnancy CenterFor the third year in a row, the Summer Internship Program at Straub Construction has culminated with our interns, Connor Wentz-Hall, Justin Briggs, and Trevor Scheumann planning and managing a volunteer/building project.

At Straub Construction, we take a very comprehensive approach to our summer internships.

Our interns spend time working in the field, in the estimating department, shadowing a project manager, and finally they get to plan and execute their own volunteer project. This year we had the privilege of working with Olathe Pregnancy Center, an organization that provides educational and material support to pregnant mothers from early on in their pregnancy, till years after.

We discovered the need for this project when Straub Construction was selected to renovate their new Olathe location. We were informed from the owner that they were only renovating half of the space because they didn’t have the funds to complete the whole space. When we heard this, we knew that our volunteer project was exactly what they needed. So, our volunteer committee and interns started to plan.

Intern Project for Olathe Pregnancy Center Intern Project for Olathe Pregnancy Center Intern Project for Olathe Pregnancy Center

Each intern took on their own role on the project.

Justin served as the Estimator which included determining how much material that we would need for the project and also reaching out to vendors for material donations. Connor took on the Project Manager Role which included creating the project schedule, determining and planning our project labor, and assembling necessary project tools. Trevor, who was also one of our interns last year, was the superintendent, which included planning the labor schedule for the volunteer days and overseeing those volunteer days.

On a Friday afternoon and Saturday morning, groups of Straub Construction employees and family members assembled at The Olathe Pregnancy Center and got after it! Projects included removing carpet and base, cutting and installing wood paneling, patch and mudding drywall, priming and painting all the walls and cabinets, frosting windows, painting counter tops, and much more. The Straub volunteers were extremely focused on getting their jobs done, only stopping shortly for a quick pizza and drink break. At the end of the two volunteer days, all the workers went home filled with pride from the work they’d done, and maybe a few paint fumes.

Intern Project for Olathe Pregnancy Center Intern Project for Olathe Pregnancy Center

In response to the work that was done on the volunteer project weekend, Mary with The Olathe Pregnancy Center said, “I walked through our clinic-in-the-making today, and I was so blown away by the work the volunteers did in the back area! The paint looks amazing back there and I know that was a ton of work! And the kitchen cabinets too! I’m sure there is more that was done over the weekend, and I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU to all of you who worked on that! Really kind and wow, what a difference!”

Following the volunteer weekend, there was still a lot of work to be done.

TPC Interiors volunteered their time and materials to rebuild the ceiling grid. MC Flooring donated all the carpet and base for the space, so our interns came back and installed the flooring. MC Flooring also donated and installed LVT flooring in the kitchen area. Electrical Associates donated their time and materials to relocate a light switch. Also, cabinet hardware donated by Locks and Pulls were installed on the new painted cabinets.

This additional space will serve as a boutique where women can come and pick out essentials (diapers, wipes, clothes, toys, etc.) for their babies, a classroom type room, a kitchen, and storage area.

This was another amazing intern/volunteer project. Thank you to all the vendors and subcontractors who gave of their time and resources to make this project possible (MC Flooring, TPC Interiors, Electrical Associates, Locks and Pulls, and Home Depot).

Straub Construction: Olathe Pregnancy Center Straub Construction: Olathe Pregnancy Center Straub Construction: Olathe Pregnancy Center

Finishing an 11,600 Piece Puzzle for The Priory of our Lady of Ephesus

By Matthew Straub, Marketing Coordinator at Straub Construction

“That in all things God may be glorified through Mary”

On May 22nd, the final piece of the more than 11,600 piece puzzle was placed to complete an endeavor that took about 8 months to complete. This puzzle was the masonry veneer of The Priory of our Lady of Ephesus in Gower Missouri.

Inspired by the Historic Taylor Barn

The Historic Taylor BarnIt all started exactly one year to the day, on May 22nd when the project team went to see the Taylor Barn. The Benedictine’s of Mary, Queen of Apostles dreamed of a beautiful stone church that mirrored churches built hundreds of years ago. For inspiration and to get an idea of what that might look like, the project team to a trip to the Historical Taylor Barn in Lawrence, KS.

This historic barn is made of limestone and was built in 1879 and has been used as a unique event space for weddings and other events since 2007. During this visit, the ownership and design team were able to show Straub Construction what they wanted the exterior of the church to look like. We tried to tell the sisters and design team that people don’t build new construction like that anymore, but they would not be swayed. It’s almost like their decision was set in stone.

A Masonry Endeavor

The Priory of our Lady of Ephesus in Gower MissouriAfter the visit to the Taylor Barn, several masonry veneer mock-ups and samples were constructed at the project site to confirm the ability to construct the masonry details and to establish the ‘standard’ for the masonry construction. Once this mock-up was approved, Apex Construction was off to production and began laying stone. We knew this wasn’t going to be the fastest masonry endeavor, but when it was done it would be a sight to see.

Throughout the months of veneer construction, the Apex Construction crew became a welcome sight for the sisters at the Priory of our Lady of Ephesus. However, the masonry veneer wasn’t without its challenges. One of the main challenges undertaken during the veneer construction was the sequencing of the bell tower masonry. The bell tower’s location provided both a logistical and engineering challenge. The church’s roof couldn’t sustain the weight of a scaffolding system, so the stone on the bell tower had to be set before roof construction began. A scaffold system was erected from the church floor through the structure of the church to gain access to the bell tower. Once the bell tower masonry was complete and the scaffolding was removed, everyone got to marvel at a ‘floating’ stone tower fifty feet in the air.

The Priory of our Lady of Ephesus in Gower Missouri

Completion Celebration

Completion CelebrationAs the winter months turned to spring, the stone exterior that the owners and designers dreamed of was completed. After a long 8 months of work, a celebration was in order. On May 22nd, many people gathered to celebrate the blessing and setting of the cornerstone. On this beautiful day, many Straub Construction employees, the design team, and members of the community gathered in Gower to share in the celebration. The stone was set with the inscription “That in all things God may be glorified through Mary.” We hope that in hundreds of years, the Benedictine’s of Mary Queen of Apostles are still glorifying God in this beautiful church.

A special thanks to the Historic Taylor Barn for helping provide us with some inspiration and also to Studio Chyree Photography for the beautiful picture of the Historic Taylor Barn.

If You Don’t Know About New Century Fieldhouse in Gardner… You Should.

By Joe Riedel, Director of Business Development at Straub Construction

Each year, hundreds of thousands of people flow through Johnson County Park & Recreation’s New Century Fieldhouse in Gardner, KS. This project was completed by Straub Construction in 2011. When I think of New Century Fieldhouse, I think of volleyball tournaments, basketball games, and the brand-new turf for the soccer field.  However, the impact of the facility stretches far beyond traditional sports programs.

Straub Construction: New Century Facility Straub Construction: New Century Facility

 It Starts with the Culture

Straub Construction: New Centruy StaffShannon Sonnier oversees the daily operation of the Fieldhouse. But he credits his team of four full-time and roughly twelve part-time employees for the culture and attitude of service. In Shannon’s words, “I’ve been blessed from day one to have a fully engaged staff who care about the people we serve.”  This attitude trickles into the safety and maintenance of the facility, which shows. Although the building was completed in 2011, it looks brand new. Shannon still gets joy out of seeing people visit for the first time. Their eyes open wide and they pause for just a moment, taking in the view of the fieldhouse.

Serving Diversity

One goal of Johnson County Park & Recreation is to serve as many people as possible. They have programs that span from the indoor play park for toddlers to Pickleball and card games for seniors. They serve groups of great means, like club teams, as well as people who are able to take advantage of free and low cost services. Plus, having the vast space available inside New Century Fieldhouse affords the ability to host many unique events. Events for which the staff are extremely proud, but are somewhat unknown to people outside of the community.

Straub Construction: New Century Facility Straub Construction: New Century Facility

Further Community Impact

Straub Construction: New Centruy StaffNew Century Fieldhouse provides a tremendous amount of economic impact to neighboring businesses by bringing in thousands of participants and their families. It also serves as employer to many teenagers who will call Johnson County Park & Recreation their first job.  They learn work ethic, team work, punctuality and responsibility.

Quick facts:

  • 88,000 square feet
  • Completed Spring of 2011
  • 135,000 participations in 2017
  • 162,000 spectators in 2017
  • Architect:  DLR Group
  • Contractor:  Straub Construction Company

Not Your Father’s Education

Board PresentationBy Joe Riedel, Director of Business Development at Straub Construction

“You kids have it so easy these days.  When I was your age, I had to WALK to school UPHILL, BOTH WAYS.  THROUGH SNOW!”  Right? We’ve all heard it. To this day, I’m still not sure if our dads were saying their way was better, or if they were calling us weak.

My 10-year-old son recently had the privilege of speaking at the USD 232 Board of Education meeting. He was prepared. He worked hard on getting his thoughts together, he rehearsed, and he dressed for the occasion. Still, he was nervous. Shortly before he would go up front, I caught him chewing on one of his shirt’s buttons.

He then stepped up to the microphone, calmly spoke his thoughts and feelings, and made eye contact.

He delivered. My wife and I were so proud.

Next Gen LearningEarlier in the board meeting, one of the district’s high school robotics teams was being recognized for qualifying for a national competition. Also awesome. The feeling of pride subtly switched to reflections of how much Education has changed since I was in school. And no… I did not walk uphill both ways. But, sometimes, there was snow.

Straub’s emphasis on Education has granted me access to some of the sharpest minds in the industry, including Architects, Engineers, Project Managers, Superintendents and School Administrators. They’re thought leaders regarding Next Gen and 21st Century Learning Environments.

7 habitsI’ve also seen examples of K-12 aged kids doing “real world” activities and solving life’s real problems. These environments are enabling high schoolers to do more advanced work than what I saw in college. Even at the grade school level, our kids are being taught things like leadership principles – which circles back to my son.  He was at the board meeting as a student representative to speak on the benefits he has gained from a program implemented by his school. The Leader in Me is based on the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People® by Steven Covey.  Communication and interpersonal skill are just a few of the principles coached.  I can’t wait to see the amazing things my kids and their schoolmates are doing 5-10 years from now.