Straub Construction is proud to unveil a complete rebrand in honor of our centennial anniversary as a cornerstone of the Kansas City community. This new identity reflects Straub’s recommitment to Believe in What You Build.

“As a building leader who advocates for a healthier, more fulfilled community, we focus on building partnerships with purpose-driven clients who share our vision to serve others,” said Ernie Straub III, Chairman & CEO. “Our new brand dedicates our focus on building communities.”

Our history goes way back, when Ernest J. Straub, Sr. got started building churches, schools and homes in the Mission Hills area of Greater Kansas City. One hundred years later, Straub Construction strives to carry on his legacy of building Kansas City communities through structures that serve others.

“Straub focuses on client advocacy. We do this through every step of the construction process not because it earns more dollars, but because it drives this larger purpose forward,” said Parker Young, President.

Many of Straub’s projects over the years continue to impact Kansas City communities today. Some of which include: the revitalization of the Crossroads neighborhood’s Corrigan Station and The Creamery Building; new Science City exhibits in Union Station; the Edgar Berkley residence, the residence of Henry Sophian and the remodel of the Stover Mansion, a beloved Mission Hills landmark.

Straub Construction is currently developing Kansas City communities through the construction of the Avila Goppert Performing Arts Center, Park University Plaster Center, Ft. Leavenworth Transient Barracks and the St. Elizabeth Catholic School & Parish.

“We measure our success by the lives we impact, not revenue,” Dan VanDonge, Vice President of Operations, said. “By 2028, we’ll impact at least 120,000 families weekly with the structures we’ve built, and we’re hoping to grow that number.”

The meaning behind our new logo.

A symbol of different things to different people. The flat dimension allows you to see a welcoming, open doorway or pathway. With a second glance, you notice two buildings next to each other.

Together, we’ll create spaces that foster what community means to you.