October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, a month that resonates with our team here at Straub.

If you’ve been to our Shawnee location or have called into our office, you’ve been introduced to our wonderful Director of First Impressions, Sandra Jenkins. “Sands,” as we call her, has been with Straub for 12 years and is an essential member of our team. Her smiling face, infectious laugh and positive demeanor bring an unparalleled energy into our space daily. She’s never afraid to embrace the chaos or jump in when needed, she’s a true team player.

In 2004, Sands was diagnosed with Stage II breast cancer. Her journey battling the disease would go on to include numerous tests, consultations, surgery, chemo and radiation. Through it all, she continued to work and maintained her positive outlook. She was never sad or angry, but rather thankful for each day she was blessed with. August marked her 15th year of beating cancer, her greatest accomplishment in life. She’s a true survivor!

Sands has always surrounded herself with people she truly considers family, inside the office and out. She’s a mother of two and proud “nannies” of four. Every Saturday, she drives 35 minutes to Belton, Missouri to spend time with her 93-year old mother.

“Pinktober” is about advocacy and spreading awareness.

“Don’t wait until it happens to you or someone you know to advocate for it,” Sands says. At Straub Construction, we’re proud to advocate for Sandra, the survivors and any individual battling breast cancer.

“Life isn’t tied with a bow, but it’s still a gift.”

This year, we surprised Sands with pink Straub t-shirts and her favorite Ernie Straub homemade lunch, Rueben sandwiches! It was a memorable day celebrating our survivor. We love you, Sands!