Merry Christmas From Straub Construction and Casino Night Recap

A very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Straub Construction! We hope that everyone enjoys some much-deserved time off with family and friends!

Straub Casino Night

Straub Construction: Casinoe Night 2017To celebrate the Christmas Season as a team, we had our annual casino night at the office recently. This is an event that all our employees look forward to every year because it allows us to relax, unwind, and have some fun with our coworkers and families. It’s also a testament to our company culture… because we always have a handful of past employees who show up to enjoy some fun with their Straub Construction Family. But who can blame them? With the prospect of delicious appetizers and desserts from Paulo and Bill, all kinds of drinks, and casino games all night, it’s definitely a fun evening.

Wheeling 'n DealingFor this event, we hired Wheeling n’ Dealing to set up casino tables (poker, blackjack, roulette, craps and more.) Something new this year is that we were able to have the casino set up in our new gaming room. (Wheeling n’ Dealing was really happy that they didn’t have to take everything up to our second floor!) They also provided professional dealers for the games. My personal favorite is craps, even though the rules must be re-explained to me every year. That’s where the dealers come in. They’re more than happy to continuously explain how the game works and help you along the way.

Straub Construction: Casinoe Night 2017 Straub Construction: Casinoe Night 2017

Every Straub employee and their guests are given “$15,000 of Straub Money” to gamble with, and at the end of the night the three people with the most play money receive a prize. This year was the year of the ladies, because all the prize winners were female. (We’ll get them next year men!)

Straub Construction: Casino Night 2017 Straub Construction: Casino Night 2017

Another Christmas tradition that we continued at Straub Construction this year was our White Elephant Gift Exchange. We had twenty-one participants with a wide range of presents. It was a pretty crazy gift exchange; with secret partnerships being formed, partnerships turning on each other, conspiracies all around, fathers stealing from sons, sons stealing back from fathers, and family rivalries being formed. It reminded me of an episode of Game of Thrones! But in the end, everyone had an awesome time and we can’t wait until next year to do it again!

Here are some photos from the White Elephant Gift Exchange.

Straub Construction: Casino Night 2017 Straub Construction: Casino Night 2017

Straub Construction: Casino Night 2017

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