Continuing the Straub Construction Legacy

At an all-company gathering in December, President and CEO, Ernie Straub III, introduced a leadership succession plan that will enable the legacy of Straub Construction to continue on. Ernie announced that after 33 years of being President, he will transition into a CEO/chairman role and Executive Vice President, Parker Young will be President. Former Senior Project Manager, Dan VanDonge, will assume the role of Vice President of Operations.

“Straub’s mission is to build a foundation for a happier, healthier community. We want to partner with purpose-driven companies and organizations that serve our communities and help others in some way. This succession plan was put into place so we can keep fulfilling that mission. We want to continue to make an impact for another 100 years.” -Ernie Straub III

Parker Young, President; Ernie Straub III, CEO & Chairman; Dan VanDonge, Vice President of Operations

Ernie Straub III, CEO and Chairman

Ernie Straub III has been known as the face of Straub for over 33 years. In his three decades of successfully running the company, he has achieved awards such as “Best Places to Work” and earning local and national awards for excellence in construction. As CEO/Chairman, he will still be heavily involved in the day-to-day operations, ensuring our company and its employees are living our purpose while maintaining mission-fit relationships with our clients.

Across the city, Ernie is known for his generosity and philanthropic nature. He regularly assists in activities to support education and help the less fortunate, and throughout the decades he has been a large advocate for affordable housing in Kansas City. Ernie has instilled these values into our company culture and it’s something we intend to continue.

Parker Young, President

Parker Young joined Straub in 1996 and has been a key member of leadership for the past 17 years. He has worn many hats while at Straub including: Superintendent, Project Manager, Executive Vice President and Chief Operations Officer. Parker has been crucial in the company’s growth and success, overseeing all aspects of daily operations. In Parker’s role as President, he will be responsible for defining and achieving our vision, developing the leadership team and securing and maintaining partner relationships.

“I appreciate the trust and confidence the Straub family has in me. We’re going to continue to hire good people and treat people the way we want to be treated. None of that is going to change, that’s in our DNA.”

Parker is well known and widely respected within our industry, partners and clients. He is the current Vice Chair for the Kansas City Chapter of Associated General Contractors of America and a past Chair of the Associated Builders and Contractors Heart of America Chapter.

Dan VanDonge, Vice President of Operations

Dan VanDonge has a 15-year tenure at Straub Construction. In his time with our company, he has played a pivotal role in implementing key processes and advances in technology, allowing us to maximize efficiency on all levels. He has been instrumental in our recruitment, finding mission-fit employees to ensure a strong company culture.

Dan also oversees our Project Management and Field teams, helping to guide our Project Managers and Superintendents during all phases of construction administration and beyond. Dan still visits job sites weekly, ensuring that projects are running smoothly. In his role as the Vice President of Operations, Dan will continue to find efficient ways to structure our teams and projects, ultimately creating an outstanding client experience.

“I’m honored and excited to continue leading our teams that deliver a world class construction experience in KC, catering to the individual wants and needs of each project. Our people have always been and will continue to be our greatest asset. Hiring the right people and equipping them with the proper training and tools, including new technologies, to deliver a transparent and collaborative project experience will remain a top priority.”

This year, Straub celebrates 100 years of business.

Straub Construction exists to build projects that advocate for a happier, healthier community. We measure our success not by our revenue or the accolades we receive, but by the people we impact.

By 2028, 120,000 families each week will live, pray, learn or heal in venues Straub has built. As that number continues to grow and our company continues to evolve, we’re incredibly thankful for the three generations who have laid a strong foundation of honesty, integrity, work ethic, respect and accountability.

We look forward to continuing the Straub legacy for the next 100 years and beyond.