Contractor by Trade, Engineer by Training, Architecture Enthusiast by Night

By Hannah Morrey Brown, Project Manager at Straub Construction

Hannah Story about FLW Trip and her love of architectureI can easily date my initial interest in buildings to the numerous Frank Lloyd Wright books laying around my house growing up. My dad was the biggest FLW fan and he was personally dedicated to finding the best space, whether it be for home or his office. The two of us spent most Sunday afternoons going to every open house in town trying to find the “perfect” place.

Contractor by Trade, Engineer by Training

Although I never viewed myself as a designer, I knew I wanted to be involved in some way with the construction industry. This led me to study Civil Engineering, although I quickly determined that engineering design was not my cup of tea.

Working in commercial construction gives me the opportunity to participate in the design process with architects, engineers, and owners to create the ultimate space for the end-user – the very pastime I loved growing up.

Architecture Enthusiast by Night

Hannah Story about FLW Trip and her love of architectureThis past month, while visiting family in Scottsdale, AZ, I had the opportunity to visit Taliesin West. Taliesin West served as Frank Lloyd Wright’s winter home, studio, and school and still functions as home and school to architecture students from October to May each year.

Taliesin means “Shining Brow” as FLW believed that a home should be built into the brow of the hill, not on top, so as to truly integrate with the surroundings. He purchased the 620 acres in 1937 and continued building new spaces and renovating his initial designs until his death in 1959.

The property also boasts a cabaret theater he designed that has 95% acoustic perfection, even better than the Sydney opera house! The structures were designated a National Historic Landmark in 1982 and are currently being considered for World Heritage Status.

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