Gifting While Giving Back – A partnership with The Farmer’s House

In 2015, after a strategic leadership meeting, Straub’s mission and purpose was established. We want to partner with purpose-driven organizations that create the foundation of a happier, healthier community. This purpose extends beyond the buildings we construct – it’s a mindset of giving back to those organizations and creating meaningful relationships. So together, we can make our community and the people living in it, the best they can possibly be.

This Holiday season, Straub has partnered with The Farmer’s House, who curated and packaged 100 holiday boxes for our clients, partners and friends.

These boxes are full of homemade candies, jam, dip, soup mix, pickles and more! 80 Platte County students were involved in the preparation of these gift boxes, providing an authentic work experience and supporting The Farmer’s House mission of embracing and enhancing the lives of individuals with developmental disabilities. We can’t imagine a better organization to partner with for the holidays. We’re appreciative of the opportunity to give back to an incredible organization, all while gifting to our valued partners.

About The Farmer’s House

Located in Weston, Missouri, The Farmer’s House was founded in 2006 by two families who had children with disabilities. Like many parents who have children with a developmental disability, one of their biggest concerns was for their future. Every parent hopes that the future includes a safe environment for their child’s individual needs and a fulfilling and valued lifestyle.

The idea of a working farm where children, youth and young adults could live, work, play and grow took shape and the process of learning as much as possible about existing farm or ranch communities for individuals with developmental disabilities was undertaken.

Currently, The Farmer’s House programs benefit 300 individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities, “Farmers,” throughout the Greater Kansas City area. These programs focus on community integration, social enrichment, employment services and early work experience.

We encourage you to learn more about the Farmer’s House on their website, or visit their stores in Weston, MO & Westwood, KS.