Johnson County Community College Classroom and Office Renovation

By Hannah Morrey Brown, Project Manager at Straub Construction

Johnson County Community CollegeS2 recently completed a classroom and office renovation at Johnson County Community College. The renovation included six classrooms and two office spaces and was completed entirely during the summer break. Some rooms just received new paint and specialty marker boards, while others included a complete renovation with new walls, ceilings, and all new finishes.

All of the classrooms received new Everwhite boards across all walls, creating interactive work spaces for multiple student groups to utilize at the same time. New flooring, lights, and ceilings made the rooms feel dramatically brighter and bigger.

Johnson County Community CollegeThe eight separate spaces spanned five campus buildings making managing each area a logistical challenge for our superintendent, Kody Simmons. However, after a few days of figuring out the fastest way between each, he was able to bring the project to a close on time and allow the school to get furniture moved in before the start of fall semester.

We all enjoyed our time at JCCC and hope to be back sometime in the future!


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