Meet Our Summer Interns: Josh and Ty

This summer has been unique in many different ways, and although we weren’t able to give our interns a “typical” internship experience, Josh and Ty have proven to be team players and roll with the punches. Let’s take second to recognize our interns and learn a little bit more about them.

Josh Seifert

Josh is from Smithville, Missouri and is pursuing a degree in Construction Management at the University of Central Missouri. With an uncle who was an architect and his dad flipping houses, Josh became interested in construction at a young age. At 15, Josh worked at a horse farm where he built small barns – this experience solidified his passion for pursuing a career in construction.

Throughout his internship, Josh has been pleasantly surprised by the level of trust given to interns. He has enjoyed taking on superintendent-level responsibilities and interacting with subcontractors, learning the value of clear and intentional communication.

Outside of construction, Josh enjoys camping and trail riding with 4-wheelers and UTVs.

Ty Miller

Ty is from Shawnee, Kansas and studies Construction Management at Kansas State University. His career choice was inspired by his father, who is also in the construction industry. When he was younger, Ty would help his dad with all kinds of projects around the house

During his internship, Ty has enjoyed working on many different job sites and performing a lot of different roles. “It is reassuring to see the many different directions that a career in the construction industry can go,” he says.

A key takeaway Ty learned from a tenured Superintendent is, “If you aren’t six weeks ahead, then you are six weeks behind,” highlighting how important it is to plan ahead and know every detail of your project.

In his spare time, Ty enjoys spending time at the Lake and participates in a competitive BBQ team. We asked him for his Kansas-ranked pulled pork recipe… but he told us that was classified information.