Meet Aaron Eyerly, our construction intern studying International Business at Park University.

Born and raised in Independence, Missouri, Aaron is the fourth of five children. After graduating from high school, Aaron joined the National Guard.

“I thought that was what all healthy men did…and both my father and brother were in the military at the time,” Aaron chuckles.

This experience taught Aaron many valuable lessons, “they break you down to build you back up.” And he wouldn’t be the person he was today, without it.

After being deployed to the Middle East in 2017, he returned home to Kansas City to continue his educational experience at Park University.

Fast forward to the fall of 2019, when talk of the Robert W. Plaster Free Enterprise Center at Park began. Being the proactive person that he is, Aaron reached out to his student advisor and expressed interest in the project. After all, he had spent almost three years doing residential masonry and copper pipe installation. Through mutual University connections, Aaron was introduced to Straub Construction and the rest is history. We’re glad to have a passionate student like Aaron shadowing one of our longest tenured Superintendents, Jeff Walters.

In his short time at Straub, Aaron has been blown away by the amount of construction expertise that Jeff possesses, along with his willingness, excitement and patience in sharing that knowledge. He is excited to continue to soak up as much information as he can during the rest of his internship, while watching a project that hits close to home come to life.