by President, Parker Young

It’s been said that age is just a number. While I agree with that sentiment, it is truly more than a number when it comes to anniversaries.

Almost two years ago, I celebrated 25 years with my wife and best friend, Renee. For those in that club, I think all would agree that it is a major milestone, especially in this day and age. It takes a lot of love, hard work, dedication, patience (more from her), and a supportive group of family and friends.

All of this can also be said on my most recent work anniversary. I am fortunate to have been with Straub Construction for 25 years! It too has taken a lot of love, hard work, dedication, patience, and support from friends and coworkers.

Straub is truly a family. There are tough times, good times, ups and downs – but together we get through. It is amazing to think that my 25 years is only a quarter of the time that Straub has been a part of our community. Just like Straub’s centennial anniversary last year, it takes many people, some still here and some who have moved on, to achieve that kind of milestone. I’m grateful for the support and trust Ernie has given me throughout the years, as well as the leadership he and Dan have provided.

I am proud of what Straub has accomplished thus far and appreciate every single contribution that each person has made. I’m especially excited about what the future holds, and I say this to anyone in the industry that will listen.

I put our Straub team up against anyone for the types of projects we build. The people are what brought me here, and they are what will keep me here.