Passion is the Pathway to Career

By Matthew Straub, Marketing Coordinator at Straub Construction

A Passion For Building

The construction industry is full of incredibly talented people who truly love working with their hands. Construction workers have a passion for taking raw pieces of material and turning them into something beautiful. If you ask any person in construction, most of them would say that this is the reason they work in this industry.

You can tell a lot about a person’s true passion by the way that they spend their free time. Jeff, Nolan, and Steve are a few people at Straub Construction who like to spend some of their free time woodworking. Starting with nothing but some nails, glue, and raw pieces of wood, these guys build some true works of art.


Jeff Walters is a Superintendent who has been at Straub Construction for almost 25 years. He started woodworking when he was very young. His affinity for woodworking came from his grandfather who was a trim carpenter when Jeff was growing up. Jeff’s grandfather helped him with his first few projects for the 4-H and he fell in love with it. After 4-H he took a wood shop class in high school for a year. The majority of the projects that Jeff has done have been for friends and relatives. Over the past few years he has been building for the younger generation of his kids, nieces, and nephews.

Jeff Woodwork Jeff Woodwork Jeff Woodwork


Nolan Cisper is a Project Manager at Straub Construction who has been in the industry of over 10 years. He also got into woodworking rather early in his life. For his 17th birthday, Nolan told his parents that the thing he wanted most was his first Worm Drive Saw. From then on, he could be found building things out of wood. Most of the things that Nolan builds are for his friends and family. However, there are fair few of his creations scattered around his house. Two years ago, Nolan built a cutting board that was a huge hit at our White Elephant Gift Exchange. Nolan also built a wooden six-pack container for last year’s gift exchange which was also a hit.

Nolan Woodwork Nolan Woodwork Nolan Woodwork


Steve Berko is the Director of Preconstruction at Straub and has been in the industry for over 40 years. He got into woodworking a little bit later in his life about four years ago but he has always enjoyed building things with his hands. Much like the others in this group, most of the things that Steve builds are given away to his friends and family. One of his favorite things to make for the people that matter the most in his life are thick cedar benches. Steve remarked that these cedar benches are not perfect but that is a great representation of life. Life has a lot of challenges, and like these benches, it is the knots, saw marks, spits, checks and imperfections that give it character and make it beautiful.

Steve Woodwork Steve Woodwork Steve Woodwork

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