As part of a Design-Build partnership with Straub Construction, Hollis + Miller Architects and Lankford | Fendler + Associates, construction is underway for an addition and renovation at St. Elizabeth’s Catholic School and Church.

For years, the St. Elizabeth Early Childhood Center has been located across a heavy-traffic street from the Catholic Church, causing their students to journey back and forth multiple times a day. A new masterplan unites the Early Childhood Center, K-8 school and the Catholic Church on the same side of Main street, improving safety and security for students and teachers.

Originally built in 1948, the rectory building will host eight new early childhood classrooms. New amenities include a multipurpose space for lunchroom, indoor recess and multi-class activities; and outdoor space for learning, play, and events. The main sanctuary renovation has improved accessibility, functionality, storage and acoustics.

Owner: St. Elizabeth Parish

Architect: Hollis + Miller Architects