Project Delivery Methods

By Joe Riedel, Director of Business Development at Straub Construction

Straub Construction - Project Delivery MethodsFor years, I’ve heard many people say “Design-Build is the way of the future.” But, if you go back to when people started saying that, now would probably be the future. And yet today, Design-Build isn’t really all that common. Even back then, it was mostly people from the A/E/C  community saying that – not the owners. The owners make the decision, not the Architects, Engineers or Construction companies.

Design-Build works very well… with some projects. It may be a really bad strategy for other situations. There are multiple Project Delivery Methods available, the most common being Design-Bid-Build (DBB), Design-Build (DB), Construction Manager at Risk (CM@R), and Construction Manager as Agent (CMA). Hybrids, like Integrated Project Delivery (IPD), are also emerging. There is no “one size fits all” solution.

The Right Delivery Method

To choose the right delivery method, owners need to evaluate the goals of each and every project. What is most important? Budget? Timeline? Risk or liability to the owner? Control over design and sub-contractor selection? These are all important factors in determining which solution will generate the best outcome for the owner.

For more than 98 years, Straub Construction has delivered quality construction management services. We take the time to understand what desired outcomes are most important to our clients. Before evaluating your next project, we welcome the opportunity to partner with you in helping to determine which method is right for you.

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