Road Trip. Sometimes you just need some time away.

By Parker Young, Executive Vice President and COO at Straub Construction

Parker Young - Jackson HoleRecently, my 16 year old son and I took a relatively unplanned 2,500 mile road trip. I say relatively unplanned, because just 10 days before, most of our crew was planning to head to Lakeland, Florida. Unfortunately, our host in Lakeland was out for his daily bike ride when he got hit by an inattentive driver. Fortunately, he was wearing his helmet! But he ended up with six broken ribs. So obviously they weren’t up for a Kansas invasion. (He is well on the road to recovery, thank goodness.)

So we started kicking around ideas about where we could go together. Ultimately, my son and I ended up deciding to go skiing. I had always heard about Jackson Hole and knew the area was gorgeous from our dude ranch trip a few years ago.

So off we went.

Parker - Jackson HoleIt always amazes me the variety of geography our country has in such short stretches. We left the rolling hills of East Kansas and Northwest Missouri into the corn fields of Iowa and Nebraska. Then we hit the foothills and high desert of Wyoming and ended up at the base of the Grand Tetons. All in 15 hours!

The skiing at Jackson Hole was unlike much of the skiing that I’ve done before. You actually have to work to ski! But the best part of the trip was forming fun memories with my son. Whether it was packing into a tram with 98 others to ride to the top, or him watching me walk off a run that was way too advanced for my skills. Or listening to K-State make the Sweet Sixteen on the road home. We had some great quality time to bond.

It was a good reminder that life moves quickly and you have to take full advantage of the time you’re given. No one is going to remember the day to day grind, but we always remember what happens on a fun road trip, especially with those we care so much about. When was the last time you carved out time for a road trip? If it’s been longer than a year, I encourage you to get something on your calendar in the next three months!

Parker - Jackson Hole Parker - Jackson Hole

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