Meet our Director of First Impressions – Sandra Jenkins

Employee Spotlight: SandsHave you ever walked into a room and one person just stood out of the crowd? Like a ray of sunshine, bright and happy?

Sandra, our Director of First Impressions, is our ray of sunshine.

When we told “Sands” (as we affectionately call her) that she was selected for our employee spotlight this month, she didn’t just answer the questions. She took over the piece!

That’s just her way.  She’s always willing to lend a hand. And her positive energy and the way she does life is contagious. The following was from our interview with Sands.

I recall the day that I interviewed almost 8 years ago for the “receptionist” position with Straub Construction. One of the last questions I was asked was “why do you think we should hire you?” My immediate response was “because it’s a perfect fit.” All of these years later I still feel the same way! Every day is a good day. At least for me, because I choose to make it so.

Employee Spotlight: SandsWhen you become part of the Straub family, you become an intricate part of a well oiled wheel. They care about their employees and their employees families…they consistently go the “extra mile” matter what it entails…you feel that you really are in an environment of appreciation.

My co-workers at Straub have always made me feel valued….we work together as a team to contribute to success equally….it is important to all of us to live up to Straub’s core values…because at the end of each day…it is a reflection of all of us as a team.

What really makes Straub stand out in a crowd of employers? You’re rewarded based on your merit – not your title – but your actual performance, every day in the office or in the field.

It’s what you bring to the table that is recognized and acknowledged.

Employee Spotlight: SandsSomething else that makes being an employee of this company a privilege – how many people can tell a story of being ill and having the owner of their company prepare and deliver food to their front door? Completely within the scope of a day’s work for Ernie Straub.

I am not a Midwest girl by birth..I was born in Canada….to a military family and have traveled all over….I am living the dream and working my dream job!”

That’s our Sands – simply one of a kind and the very best Director of First Impressions Straub could ask for!

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