We are proud to partner with Union Station, PGAV Architects and the Boston Children’s Museum to bring three new exciting exhibits to Science City at Union Station. Opening in March of 2020, the new exhibits focus on the early childhood experience, geared for children ages 0-7.

Creative Corner

Designed and installed in tandem with the Boston Children’s Museum, Creative Corner features tools for artistic exploration. A Sand Studio features kinetic sand, where children can build and create with their hands. Inside the Paint Room, you’ll find a large glass wall and troughs of paint. Using brushes or their hands, users can collaborate together to create their own masterpieces and easily remove the paint when they’re ready to start new.

Let’s Play

Focusing on pretend play and gross motor skill activities, children are immersed in a tropical forest inside the “Let’s Play” exhibit. You’ll find interactive STEM walls, games and more. A unique “water-bed” for infants encourages the development of gross motor skills, providing a safe and dynamic experience for the child and parents.

All Aboard

A collaborative design effort between PGAV Architects and the Boston Children’s Museum, this train-inspired exhibit is specific to Union Station. A giant life-size replica of a train, inspires children to explore the world of locomotives. Playing conductor, users can interact with a large switchboard, activating smaller trains to operate in their chosen direction. Children can also create their own trains, building and painting each car to their desire.

Check back in 2020 for more construction updates!

Architect: PGAV Architects

Exhibit Designer: Boston Children’s Museum