Supporting Bishop Sullivan Center

By Ernie Straub, President at Straub Construction

Supporting charities that care for those less fortunate has always been an important part of how Straub Construction Company lives out our core values. Take the Bishop Sullivan Center which provides a wide range of services, food, training, soup kitchen, elder cool, etc, etc, to all who ask, the list is amazing.

Bishop Sullivan Center

What if you didn’t have a restroom?

Our commitment and support started 14 years ago when operating the St. James Kitchen & Food Pantry.  My Dad discovered there were no bathrooms for the 200 plus guests. Many of the guests received their only meal of the day through the pantry.  There was a need and we knew we could help, delivering new facilities just 150 days later that the guests have been very thankful for.

The fun didn’t stop there.  You can’t imagine how impactful it is to change a family’s life when we turned a simple one day window replacement project into an extreme home makeover project.  We helped a family of four that was devastated when the 39 year old dad and husband suffered a sudden stroke that left him completely disabled.

When we started at 9am, 3 days before Christmas, and saw a family living with no heat in very difficult conditions, we knew what we needed to do.  Besides windows, we installed new plumbing, heating, kitchen cabinets, flooring, wall repairs, paint, appliances and a new flat screen TV in 30 hours.

There is a special satisfaction that comes from charitable giving when nothing is expected back.  Thanks to all who support the Bishop Sullivan Center.  We are blessed and thankful to be a part of the special work you do.

Here is the video of the Extreme Home Makeover!

More to come next month!

We will be sharing more information in a blog post next month about an exciting renovation project that will enhance the experience of those served by Bishop Sullivan Center!

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