Lunch to Celebrate SVN Charter Getting a New Middle School

By Hannah Morrey Brown, Project Manager at Straub Construction, talking about SVN charter school.

Straub is currently in the process of renovating an old rectory building into a middle school for Scuola Vita Nuova (SVN) charter school. The building stands directly behind the current school, and was only good for storage prior to the renovation due to its’ age and upkeep. Once finished, the school will have four large classrooms, an outdoor patio and classroom space, two large interactive student spaces, and a teacher workroom.

SVN Charter Lunch

Straub Construction: SVN Charter School LunchA few weeks ago, the staff of SVN invited our crews in for a homemade lunch! Additionally, a student also created a beautiful “Thank You” drawing that was given to our whole crew at the lunch. We’re very grateful to be working with this great group of people, and to be able to provide the much-needed extra space.

Please see below to learn more about the history of the SVN charter school and the students it serves:

In 1908, the Italian Mission was created in Kansas City to provide support to the increasing numbers of Italian immigrants entering the city. There were needs for medical and child care, English lessons, youth activities, and education. In 1918, Dr. John Bisceglia arrived in Kansas City to assess the Mission in its work. He built the existing Northeast Community Center in 1940 at 544 Wabash, followed by the Christ Presbyterian Church in 1950.

Straub Construction: SVN Charter School Lunch

Thank You letter from a student

These organizations worked in affiliation with each other to provide for the needs of the neighbors of the community. Following the Dr. Bisceglia’s death, his son-in-law, Judge Charles Shangler revived the campus and provided many cultural exchanges and opportunities for the changing multicultural neighborhood.

In 1999, Judge Shangler applied for and received permission to open a charter school on the campus, beginning with 4 grades. It was called Scuola Vita Nuova, “School of New Life”. He saw it as a way to continue his father-in-law’s good works in the Northeast Neighborhood. His desire was to provide local families with educational opportunities that included exposure to the arts. He enhanced the campus buildings with historical and cultural beauty. In 2004, with Judge Shangler’s support, Scuola Vita Nuova expanded to include a middle school. Currently SVN serves Kindergarten through 8th grades.”

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