The Future of St. Paul’s Catholic Church

By Matthew Straub, Marketing Coordinator at Straub Construction

Straub Construction is excited to have begun our project for the St. Paul’s Catholic Church in Olathe. The church is moving from its current location, to a new building being built off west 115th Terrace, just west of South Lone Elm Road. Having outgrown their current location and anticipating further growth, the parish is looking toward the future.

The Building

The new building will be approximately 48,000 square feet and will feature 25 classrooms, administrative offices, and a multi-purpose room which will serve as the church, gym, and cafeteria. The Pre-K through 8th grade school will be able to accommodate about 450 students and staff members.

The Team

The anticipated completion date of this project is early 2019. For this project, Straub Construction has partnered with Aaron Ledesma of HTK Architects, Bob D. Campbell is the structural engineer, and Smith & Boucher is the MEP engineer. The project manager for St. Paul’s is Nolan Cisper and the superintendent is Kip Gibler.

Straub Construction: St. Paul Catholic Church

The project is moving along very smoothly, the concrete slab was poured recently, and masonry block materials have arrived and are being installed. A special shout out to Bedrock Concrete, who are featured in these images, for their hard work and high-quality performance.

As our construction efforts march on, we are starting to see St. Paul’s Catholic Church’s vision for the future take physical form. As each stage of the construction process is completed, we’re moving closer and closer to welcoming the students, faculty, and parishioners to their future home. In early 2019, the St. Paul’s Catholic Church doors will open, and their dream for the future will be realized. We at Straub Construction are thrilled to be able to play a part in making that dream a reality!

Straub Construction: St. Paul's Catholic Church Straub Construction: St. Paul's Catholic Church

Straub Construction: St. Paul's Catholic Church Straub Construction: St. Paul's Catholic Church

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