Let’s face it, maintaining your building through the winter is… work.

That’s why we’ve tapped our Warranty & Quality Assurance Manager, Jon Alvarado, to help us compile a helpful list of top priorities to keep your building running efficiently this winter.

First things first – walk your building.

With all of the moisture happening in winter (snow, rain, ice) it’s a good idea to walk your building, especially the top floor. Drift or frozen moisture can build up, thawing in areas that don’t typically get moisture. You may be surprised to find leaks.

Sweep and clean all the ice melt.

It’s important to maintain the surfaces around your building. Salt on concrete surfaces causes corrosion under the surface, leading to discolored, cracked, or crumbling concrete.

Sand, salt, and other debris are tracked in on shoes all the way through Spring. Be sure to keep all thresholds and elevator tracks clean and free from these items ­­– your vacuum or shop vac will do the trick.

Check fire sprinklers.

Antifreeze systems should be tested for appropriate Glycol or Glycerine levels. In dry systems, all drain points should be drained to ensure condensation that’s formed within the pipe is cleared out.

Make sure all hoses are disconnected. Yes, your hose bibs may have an anti-siphon device on it, most commercial hoses do. However, a hard freeze can still damage them.