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By Matthew Straub, Marketing Coordinator at Straub Construction

Woofs-TopekaWhat is Woof’s?

In February the Woof’s Stay & Play facility in Topeka Kansas opened its doors to many four-legged best friends throughout the Topeka area. Woof’s Stay & Play is a business that believes in creating a home away from home for dogs. They also create peace of mind to the many dog parents who drop them off.

Woof’s provides short term and long term stays for pets. The short-term stays are convenient for those who are just heading to work in the morning and need somewhere for their dog to have fun. The long-term stays are great for those who are heading out of town and can’t find a dog sitter.

A Day at Woof’sWoofs-Topeka

Throughout the days, the dogs can be found running around the outdoor space, being cleaned, and groomed. Also, when weather permits Woof’s will open the outdoor dog pool. One of the things that is so popular about Woof’s is that all the pet community spaces are equipped with webcams. This allows the owners can check on them digitally throughout the day and have a sense of security.

In the evenings, the pets are fed their dinner and put into their “suites” for the night. For those owners who have selected a “luxury suite” the dog can enjoy a more spacious stay, comfortable bed, small flat screen tv where they can enjoy a movie. The luxury suites are also equipped with webcams for the owner to have some peace of mind.

Woofs-Topeka Woofs-Topeka

The Projects

The Woof’s Stay & Play in Topeka is one of three Woof’s projects that Straub Construction has been hired to complete. Woof’s Lawrence is far into its construction and will be completed in the next few weeks. Woof’s Overland Park has just started and will be completed in about five months.

All three of these projects have an extremely aggressive short construction schedule of about five months each. All three of the Woof’s locations were formerly businesses that are being renovated into state-of-the-art homes away from home for dogs.

The Topeka location used to be a Sears Auto Center and the Lawrence location used to be a Half Price Books. The Overland Park location  was a dog kennel which is remaining operational throughout the construction process. Through strong collaboration our team was able to overcome this complicated situation.

These are extremely rewarding projects that impact dog lovers throughout their respective communities. We are very proud to be working with Woof’s Stay & Play on these projects.

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