Chewology | Gyoza Bar

Chewology | Gyoza Bar

A contemporary Taiwanese eatery in the heart of Kansas City’s Westport neighborhood.

This restaurant was a team effort.



In the heart of Kansas City’s Westport neighborhood, this contemporary Taiwanese eatery harmoniously combines traditional recipes with local Midwest flavors.

Beyond the delicious dishes, Chewology prioritizes extraordinary guest experiences through genuine relationships, a welcoming atmosphere, and cherished memories. They proudly embrace local ingredients and collaborate with top regional companies, infusing their essence into our offerings for a sophisticated palate.

With a focus on handcrafted gyoza, Chewology honors nostalgic childhood memories while creating a unique dining destination that celebrates tradition, community, and exceptional flavors.


The 2,750 square foot space, once occupied by Blemstem, underwent a transformative facelift to perfectly embody the aesthetic and atmosphere of this Taiwanese eatery. Important renovations were undertaken, including the installation of new flooring, wall tiling, light fixtures, and customized metal fabrications. Additionally, carpentry work was meticulously crafted to create a stunning bar area. These changes have beautifully revitalized the space, ensuring a visually appealing and inviting environment for guests.

What’s your vision?

Give Joe a shout and let’s figure out how to bring it to life.

Joe Riedel
VP, Business Development & Marketing

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