Straub Construction’s 2018 Week of Giving

By Matthew Straub, Marketing Coordinator at Straub Construction

As the holiday season gets closer and we reflect on of the things that we’re thankful for this year, it’s incredibly important and rewarding to give back to those in our community who are in need. Straub Construction recently celebrated our 4th annual Straub Week of Giving. And what a wonderful week of giving it was. This year our week of giving included supporting four amazing local charities.

Shawnee Community Services

Shawnee Community Services is an amazing organization based in our home town of Shawnee. They impact so many people throughout the Kansas City Area. For the fourth straight year, Straub Construction partnered with Shawnee Community Services to provide food for those who need it during the holidays.

Due to the changing needs in our community, Shawnee Community Services had a greater demand for additional food packages to distribute to the needy. In response to this, Straub Construction purchased all the food and during our Week of Giving kickoff party, Straub employees and family members loaded up 100 bags of food that would feed 50 families for a week.

The people at Shawnee Community Services were overjoyed with the food donation and we are so happy to be able to assist them in carrying out their mission.

Straub Construction: 2018 Week of Giving Straub Construction: 2018 Week of Giving

Kansas City Hospice House & Palliative Care

The Kansas City Hospice House & Palliative Care is an organization that seeks to be a “home away from home” for those who need end-of-life care. They work directly with patients, their families, and physicians to make end-of-life a time of comfort, enrichment, and love.

On a Monday evening, Straub employees served a hot meal and homemade desserts to over 30 family and friends of those receiving end of life care.

Straub Construction: 2018 Week of Giving

Morning Glory Ministries

The mission of Morning Glory Ministries is to “Uphold the inherent, God-Given Dignity in every human life by providing not only physical nourishment and basic needs, but also by fostering hope and self-worth in the most disadvantaged and forgotten members of society”. Morning Glory Ministries is located at the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception. They’re one of the many ministries serving breakfast to the needy Tuesday-Friday and serving lunch on the weekends. On Wednesday, 10 of our Straub Construction employees met at the Cathedral at 6:30am to serve a hot breakfast to over 140 people.

Straub Construction: 2018 Week of Giving

Bishop Sullivan Center

Once again, our tradition of supporting “adopt a family” through the Bishop Sullivan Center has continued. We’ve been assigned a family in need of every day necessities like warm jackets, shoes, socks, etc. We’ve been given the names and ages of each family member, and throughout the next few weeks, Straub employees will donate money in order to make their holiday wishes come true. We do this every year to provide for a less fortunate family in our community. It’s also a way of honoring the leadership of Ernie, Parker, and Dan.

This was another wonderful Week of Giving. Thank you to everyone who was involved in making this week possible. We all have so much to be thankful for!

Happy Thanksgiving from Straub Construction!

Happy Thanksgiving from Straub ConstructionThanksgiving is here! It feels like Thanksgiving sneaks up on us every year. It’s time to get together with friends and family, eat some good food and maybe do some Black Friday shopping.

As we enjoy the Holiday Season, it’s a good time to reflect on 2018

There are so many things to be thankful for. We’re thankful for our customers, vendors and peers that give us the opportunity to do work that we love. And we’re especially thankful for our Straub Construction family. Every person on our team helps shape who we are as an organization. And an important part of our work as a team is to give back. Every year, we come together as a company for a Week of Giving. We’re excited to share that story with you next week!

Our Interns Lead a Project for the Olathe Pregnancy Center

By Matthew Straub, Marketing Coordinator at Straub Construction

Intern Project for Olathe Pregnancy CenterFor the third year in a row, the Summer Internship Program at Straub Construction has culminated with our interns, Connor Wentz-Hall, Justin Briggs, and Trevor Scheumann planning and managing a volunteer/building project.

At Straub Construction, we take a very comprehensive approach to our summer internships.

Our interns spend time working in the field, in the estimating department, shadowing a project manager, and finally they get to plan and execute their own volunteer project. This year we had the privilege of working with Olathe Pregnancy Center, an organization that provides educational and material support to pregnant mothers from early on in their pregnancy, till years after.

We discovered the need for this project when Straub Construction was selected to renovate their new Olathe location. We were informed from the owner that they were only renovating half of the space because they didn’t have the funds to complete the whole space. When we heard this, we knew that our volunteer project was exactly what they needed. So, our volunteer committee and interns started to plan.

Intern Project for Olathe Pregnancy Center Intern Project for Olathe Pregnancy Center Intern Project for Olathe Pregnancy Center

Each intern took on their own role on the project.

Justin served as the Estimator which included determining how much material that we would need for the project and also reaching out to vendors for material donations. Connor took on the Project Manager Role which included creating the project schedule, determining and planning our project labor, and assembling necessary project tools. Trevor, who was also one of our interns last year, was the superintendent, which included planning the labor schedule for the volunteer days and overseeing those volunteer days.

On a Friday afternoon and Saturday morning, groups of Straub Construction employees and family members assembled at The Olathe Pregnancy Center and got after it! Projects included removing carpet and base, cutting and installing wood paneling, patch and mudding drywall, priming and painting all the walls and cabinets, frosting windows, painting counter tops, and much more. The Straub volunteers were extremely focused on getting their jobs done, only stopping shortly for a quick pizza and drink break. At the end of the two volunteer days, all the workers went home filled with pride from the work they’d done, and maybe a few paint fumes.

Intern Project for Olathe Pregnancy Center Intern Project for Olathe Pregnancy Center

In response to the work that was done on the volunteer project weekend, Mary with The Olathe Pregnancy Center said, “I walked through our clinic-in-the-making today, and I was so blown away by the work the volunteers did in the back area! The paint looks amazing back there and I know that was a ton of work! And the kitchen cabinets too! I’m sure there is more that was done over the weekend, and I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU to all of you who worked on that! Really kind and wow, what a difference!”

Following the volunteer weekend, there was still a lot of work to be done.

TPC Interiors volunteered their time and materials to rebuild the ceiling grid. MC Flooring donated all the carpet and base for the space, so our interns came back and installed the flooring. MC Flooring also donated and installed LVT flooring in the kitchen area. Electrical Associates donated their time and materials to relocate a light switch. Also, cabinet hardware donated by Locks and Pulls were installed on the new painted cabinets.

This additional space will serve as a boutique where women can come and pick out essentials (diapers, wipes, clothes, toys, etc.) for their babies, a classroom type room, a kitchen, and storage area.

This was another amazing intern/volunteer project. Thank you to all the vendors and subcontractors who gave of their time and resources to make this project possible (MC Flooring, TPC Interiors, Electrical Associates, Locks and Pulls, and Home Depot).

Straub Construction: Olathe Pregnancy Center Straub Construction: Olathe Pregnancy Center Straub Construction: Olathe Pregnancy Center

Stephen LaGue and the Kansas City Fellows Program

By Stephen LaGue, Project Superintendent for Straub Construction

Kansas City Fellows ProgramFrom September 2017 to May of 2018, I had the privilege and joy of learning, growing, living, and working with a wonderful group of eight other young professionals. We challenged each other as we learned practical steps to stitching faith into all areas of our lives.

The Kansas City Fellows Program is a 9-month leadership, professional, and spiritual development program for recent college graduates. Kansas City Fellows is a branch of The Fellows Initiative, a national organization that pairs with businesses and churches in over 20 cities across the US.

As I approached graduation from the Construction Management Program at John Brown University in Siloam Springs, Arkansas, I was encouraged to look into the Fellowship program in my home town of Kansas City. It seemed like a great fit for where I was at in life, and I soon found that this couldn’t have been more true.

The nine of us fellows were paired with different kinds of employers where we spent four days a week honing our talents and passions while being regularly challenged with the new and unfamiliar. We were also paired up with consistent and meaningful mentorship opportunities from established professionals in our field of study.

Kansas City Fellows Program Kansas City Fellows Program

The Kansas City Fellows organization is headed up by a leadership team that is consistently brilliant, thought provoking, competent, generous, and loving. Twice a week we met for discussions that were as challenging and robust as they were heartfelt and encouraging. For most of our discussions, we had the privilege of a new perspective in the form of guest leaders. We learned about the intersection of faith and work from over 30 different professionals coming from almost as many industries and lines of work.

I believe the Kansas City Fellowship will not stop having an impact on who I am.

Kansas City Fellows ProgramI find myself unable to fully express my gratitude for the opportunity to think so intentionally through what I believe and how that lines up so practically with the way I work, live, and play. In the past year, I’ve learned that the God of the Bible designed us not only for worship and relationship with Him, but also for our work and for our place in the community. Whatever piece you play in the massive jigsaw puzzle that is human existence, it has beautiful and inimitable meaning. Seeing yourself as a designed and thought out part of the big story of life provides so much freedom for flourishing in work and relationships.

If you know someone who is approaching, or in the midst of, that challenging transition from student to professional, encourage them to apply to a Fellowship in whatever city interests them. I can’t recommend it highly enough.

I would like to thank my mentor Mike Barr. I’ve been sharpened and encouraged by my time with you. Thank you to Christ Community Church for being a loving family and discipling me so well. And most of all, I want to offer thanks to Kris, Kevin, Carol and to my eight classmates for an unforgettable and life-changing year.

Learn more about Fellows

Kansas City Fellowship:
The Fellows Initiative:

Bishop Sullivan Center: One City Café

By Matthew Straub, Marketing Coordinator at Straub Construction

The Bishop Sullivan Center is a non-profit organization that provides a variety of services to help low-income people throughout the metro.

Bishop Sullivan Center’s Mission

“Inspired by Christian faith, Bishop Sullivan Center shows God’s love to people in financial hardship by providing food, help in finding jobs and other aid. Beyond material assistance, Bishop Sullivan Center strives to build relationships between those who live in poverty and those who do not, promoting mutual understanding and affirming the dignity of all.”

Bishop Sullivan Center: One City CaféStraub Construction has had a longstanding relationship with The Bishop Sullivan Center and has participated in many of their services. One of these services is their Community Kitchen which provides hot meals to an average of 255 people each night. Right now, the Community Kitchen is only able to reheat food and the dining area is a very small so it is elbow-to-elbow during every meal. In an effort to expand the outreach of the Community Kitchen, provide a more comfortable eating experience, and provide more nutritious meals, Straub Construction has been tasked with the honor of renovating their current space into what will be known as One City Café.

Along with expanding the space and providing a more open concept and comfortable dining experience, the new One City Café will have new cooking equipment that will allow the Bishop Sullivan Center to prepare fresh and nutritious meals. Additionally, part of The Bishop Sullivan Center’s mission is to “build relationships between those who live in poverty and those who do not.” Therefore, there will be a strong effort to include the community in both preparing meals and dining at One City Café.

Straub Construction is honored to have the opportunity to renovate the current Community Kitchen into the new One City Café for the Bishop Sullivan Center. The Bishop Sullivan Center has an incredibly positive impact on the less fortunate in our community and we’re thrilled to continue our relationship with this great organization. We will be starting our renovations on the One City Café in the beginning of September and plan to open the doors to the Café by Christmas.

Visit the Bishop Sullivan Center website to learn more about this great organization and donate to this wonderful cause.

Supporting Bishop Sullivan Center

By Ernie Straub, President at Straub Construction

Supporting charities that care for those less fortunate has always been an important part of how Straub Construction Company lives out our core values. Take the Bishop Sullivan Center which provides a wide range of services, food, training, soup kitchen, elder cool, etc, etc, to all who ask, the list is amazing.

Bishop Sullivan Center

What if you didn’t have a restroom?

Our commitment and support started 14 years ago when operating the St. James Kitchen & Food Pantry.  My Dad discovered there were no bathrooms for the 200 plus guests. Many of the guests received their only meal of the day through the pantry.  There was a need and we knew we could help, delivering new facilities just 150 days later that the guests have been very thankful for.

The fun didn’t stop there.  You can’t imagine how impactful it is to change a family’s life when we turned a simple one day window replacement project into an extreme home makeover project.  We helped a family of four that was devastated when the 39 year old dad and husband suffered a sudden stroke that left him completely disabled.

When we started at 9am, 3 days before Christmas, and saw a family living with no heat in very difficult conditions, we knew what we needed to do.  Besides windows, we installed new plumbing, heating, kitchen cabinets, flooring, wall repairs, paint, appliances and a new flat screen TV in 30 hours.

There is a special satisfaction that comes from charitable giving when nothing is expected back.  Thanks to all who support the Bishop Sullivan Center.  We are blessed and thankful to be a part of the special work you do.

Here is the video of the Extreme Home Makeover!

More to come next month!

We will be sharing more information in a blog post next month about an exciting renovation project that will enhance the experience of those served by Bishop Sullivan Center!

Straub Week of Giving Impacts our Community and our Employees

By Matthew Straub, Marketing Coordinator at Straub Construction, talking about the Straub Week of Giving

The week before Thanksgiving was a very busy week for Straub Construction, and not just because everyone was cooking feasts and preparing for relatives to come in town. It was busy because Straub employees were participating in our annual Straub Week of Giving. This is a week every year that we dedicate to giving back to our community. And we did that by supporting four charities.

St. James Place

On Tuesday, fifteen people, including employees and their families, volunteered to provide desserts and serve meals at St. James Place. St. James is operated by Bishop Sullivan Center. Straub Construction has a longstanding relationship with Bishop Sullivan Center, and we’re always eager to serve at St. James Place. On this night, Straub served almost 300 meals to some very hungry people. It’s always a rewarding and humbling experience to serve the hungry in our community.

Straub Week of Giving 2017 Straub Week of Giving 2017

Ronald McDonald Family Room at Children’s Mercy Hospital

On Wednesday night, nine Straub employees and their families took a meal down to the Ronald McDonald Family Room at Children’s Mercy Hospital. The Ronald McDonald Room provides meals for family members or friends of patients who are staying at the hospital. There were many children going through very difficult times. And we were excited to be able to provide a warm meal and smiles to their family and friends. We brought just enough food that night… and were able to provide meals for every floor of the hospital.

Straub Week of Giving 2017

Shawnee Community Services

Saturday morning was a fun event where over forty members of the Straub Construction Family gathered at Shawnee Community Services to assemble and distribute Thanksgiving packages to families in need. Throughout the morning, our team assembled around 240 packages for the families who had signed up to receive them. In the afternoon, once the packages had been assembled, we distributed them to 221 families.

This was the third straight year that we’ve served at Shawnee Community Services. It’s always a fun event because it allows whole families to get involved and work side-by-side to help those in need. Straub Construction has a long-standing relationship with Shawnee Community Services, including building their current facility.

Straub Week of Giving 2017

Straub Week of Giving 2017 Straub Week of Giving 2017

Bishop Sullivan Center

This year, we also continued our tradition of supporting “adopt a family” through the Bishop Sullivan Center. We were assigned a family in need of every day necessities like warm jackets, shoes, socks, etc. After we were given the list of names and ages for each family member, our Straub employees donated money in order to make their holiday wishes come true. We do this every year to provide for a less fortunate family in our community. It’s also a way of honoring the ethical leadership of Ernie, Parker, and Dan.

This was another wonderful Week of Giving. Straub Construction did good things for the less fortunate in our community. But if you ask any of those who volunteered, they would tell you that they got as much out of it as they gave. Thank you to everyone who made this week of giving possible.

The Deck the Interns Built

Guest post by our very own Jason Riordan, Project Manager at Straub Construction

Straub Construction: 2017 InternsFor the second consecutive year, Straub Construction had the culmination of the summer internship program be a volunteer/building project. The project was coordinated, led and completed by our two Interns, Trevor Scheumann and Connor Ford.

Connor and Trevor spent their summer shadowing different job functions at Straub. From Estimating, to Project Management to working in the field. And the deck renovation at Sisters of the Montessori School was an opportunity to put their new-found skills to the test.

In order to make the project more affordable for the school, the demolition of the existing deck was completed as a Volunteer project by Straub Employees.

Straub Construction - 2017 Intern Project Straub Construction - 2017 Intern Project

Let the Demolition Begin!

Straub Construction: 2017 Intern ProjectDemolition started on a rainy Saturday morning. But the weather didn’t slow down our employees who were eager to help. More than fifteen people volunteered to work despite the weather conditions. They made quick work of the old wrap-around deck.

The following week, Straub Carpenters (led by Trevor and Connor) installed 2 new decks. They also installed a door to access the second deck for the school.

This project was a great way to end the summer internship program. It was amazing to see how much of a difference the new decks made in the lives of the teachers and students. We were all reminded why we love working for Straub… Because doing the right thing and helping out in our community are top priorities. We look forward to next year’s interns continuing the tradition!

Straub Construction at SIOR Development Day 2017

By Matthew Straub, Marketing Coordinator at Straub Construction, talking about SIOR Development Day 2017

SIOR Development Day

Straub Construction - SIOR Development DayOn September 14th, the Kansas City Convention Center was buzzing with excitement! Why you ask? Because the time had come for the annual SIOR Development Day. (SIOR stands for Society of Industrial and Office Realtors.)

This is a very special event, where companies involved in Kansas City commercial real estate gather together to celebrate the industry and network with each other. This year, 87 companies had booths on display in the Grand Ballroom. Throughout the night, hundreds of people circled the ballroom, stopping at booths to network, play games, grab company swag and enter to win cool prizes.

Straub Construction - SIOR Development DayStraub Construction had a great spot set up right in the corner, next to one of the bars. We had a slide show on display with many of our featured projects and poster prints of our most recent projects. We gave away bottle openers, koozies, flashlights (which were a huge hit!) and did a raffle for a Straub cooler bag full of goodies.

Straub Construction has participated in this event for over 10 years. Every year it seems to grow and become better and better. It was another great event this year with a lot of fun for our industry. We can’t wait until SIOR 2018 rolls back around!

Good Morning Vietnam!

By Paul Hinds, S2 Estimator at Straub Construction

Straub Construction: Paul HindsIn January of 2017, I was asked to be a part of the SEA 17 team to travel to Southeast Asia on a medical mission. I gladly accepted and then began physical training and obtaining required vaccinations for this part of the world.

June 2nd, we departed Kansas City International airport. Thirty hours and 4,600 miles later we arrived in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

Day 1

On our first full day in Cambodia, we visited the memorial and museum about the atrocities committed against the Cambodian people by the Pol Pot regime. It was very sobering and saddening to read about how 9,000 men, women, and children were tortured, murdered, thrown into pits and covered with a poisonous chemical to cover the odor of death, as well as make sure there was no chance of survivors.

Day 2

Our second day we went to a resettlement village outside of Phnom Penh to one of the villager’s home. This home was 15’ x 15’ and serves as a children’s school, church, and on this day a medical clinic, evangelistic center, and dining hall.

Good Morning Vietnam! Good Morning Vietnam!

We kept most of the children busy with soccer and volleyball. Inside, adults and children were assessed and given medications. Health education was provided, patients were prayed over and all had the opportunity to hear the Good News.

Day 3

On day 3, our mobile medical clinic traveled in heavy traffic to Prek Pnov, Cambodia to a fishing village. We began registration then took height, weight, BMI, Vital signs, and blood glucose levels. Their final stop was at the pharmacy table where over 50 medications were dispensed by 3 people counting and packaging the medicines.

I’ve never been so nervous. I was the one packaging the medicines and providing the usage information in a foreign language!

Good Morning Vietnam! Good Morning Vietnam!

Day 4

On the fourth day, we headed to Trauey Slah in Sang Cambodia to visit the Por Leu Primary School. We were greeted by 90 very energetic children, but they were also very respectful. After setting up the clinic, we took height and weight measurements, calculated BMI and then performed oral exams. Children waiting to be seen were with our translators outside the school singing songs that taught them about good oral hygiene.

Good Morning Vietnam! Good Morning Vietnam!

At the end of this day, we headed for Pochentong Airport for our departure flight to Seam Reap, Cambodia.

Day 5

Day 5 was considered “tourist day” and our destination was Ankor Wat, the largest religious structure in the World. At the main temple, we hired a tourist guide named Sun and he showed us around and explained some of the history of the main temple and other structures.

Good Morning Vietnam! Good Morning Vietnam!

Good Morning Vietnam!

After lunch, we visited 2 more temples on the Ankor Wat complex. Both locations were much more untouched by renovation, and we really felt like Jungle explorers happening upon ancient ruins. We saw wild monkeys and actually came within 15’ of them at one point.

Good Morning Vietnam! Good Morning Vietnam!

At the end of the day we flew back to Phnom Penh and prepared for our departure for Hanoi Vietnam.

Day 6

On day 6 we toured the Russian market, ate at a restaurant called the Jars of Clay, and visited a shop that supported the White Lotus Project, which helps local women get out of the sex trade and provides housing and education.

At the end of the day we made our way to the Phnom Penh airport and flew out to Hanoi Vietnam.

Day 7

On day 7 we awoke in Hanoi and used the day to strategically pack and head up in the Northern Mountains along the China border for three days of trekking.

Day 8

On day 8 we traveled 5 hours by transport van into the Northern mountains and stayed in a Homestay in the Hmong village. We slept under mosquito nets and ate from their kitchen. Again, we had a small medical clinic and then toured through the beautiful rice fields.

Good Morning Vietnam! Good Morning Vietnam!

Day 9

On day 9 we left the Hmong village and headed for the Tay Homestay in the Tay and Nung Village. We walked around the village and visited with the people and shopped in their markets. We made final preparations for our mountain trek to a remote tribe in the mountains tomorrow.

Day 10

On day 10 we took a van to the base of the mountains to a trail head that would lead us to the tribe that we have been supporting for years. We started off on a major hike, and after hours of going straight up hill and we arrived at the village leaders home. With our translators, we began catching up on how his family and other families are doing. We shared some gifts of medicines, a soccer ball and some other assorted items for his family.

Good Morning Vietnam! Good Morning Vietnam!

Day 11

On day 11 we went from the mountains to main street! This was a travel day. We left the mountains of tribal groups and arrived in the vibrant Asian city of Hanoi.

Day 12 & 13

On day 12 & 13 we toured through Hanoi and visited many shops. We also toured through the Hanoi Hilton where POWs were held back in the Vietnam War. These days were days of reflections, observations, and of looking forward.

Good Morning Vietnam! Good Morning Vietnam!

Day 14

On day 14 we traveled to the airport and began the thirty hour journey home. It felt like we must have done some time traveling. We left and returned on the same day… but 30 hours had gone by!

In closing, I will say that I was thankful to be home. I’m humbled by how we live in the West compared to the poverty I saw in the Eastern part of the world. We must be thankful every day in America for what we have. Most people will never truly get this perspective unless they visit a third world country to see for themselves. If you are presented the opportunity to go on a mission trip, I strongly encourage you to go. It’s a life changing experience!

Good Morning Vietnam!